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Let’s assume that you have hired a social media specialist. Employee’s salaries and expenses will only enable you to manage your social media. In the meantime, an employee you have hired will work 7,5 a day and 37,5 hours per month. In other words, there will be problem in dealing with a cyber-attack or other similar unfavorable incidents that might occur out of working hours. 

What do we promise to our customers?

We promise to:

  • Deliver immediate solutions and take immediate actions for our customers during a time of crisis or in case of emergency in terms of an attack with regard to social media management not only for a day but for every day.
  • Make sure that a new content is shared on your social media every day. We are with you on your urgent needs and immediate design needs.  


So, other firms

Many other firms will only manage your social media. Starting off with a social media manager will only provide you with a decent account management. But what about catchy content? Creating catchy content is a must in this business. For a good ad, you will need:

  • A good graphic designer
  • Good photographer to describe your products and services in the best possible way
  • Video staff to shoot your videos
  • A Drone specialist
  • A specialist in creating and editing videos for short commercials and teasers.
  • A staff who can meet your needs in terms of Animation which has recently become one of the most popular ads
  • First-class analyst

And similar team members.

So, what do we offer you?

First of all, we are making an agreement for all the relevant needs of a firm regarding commercials rather than making a deal only for the social media management of the firm.

We are providing services for social media management, social media contents, photo shoots, website and mobile applications, flyers and all other similar fields.

For instance:

Let’s assume that you have a restaurant. We are providing all relevant needs regarding your restaurant, all menu designs including especially the electronic and normal ones, social media management, website, mobile applications, videos, celebration messages on special occasions/holidays, customer analyses, feasibility studies containing customer expectations, photo shoots whenever you need and anything you can name of. 

If you also want to provide handling services abroad in the international arena, we provide your infrastructure work with ads and works in different languages before you even break into the market of that country. 

Let’s get started.