Customer Comments

Quality and reasonable price in one. They manage all our works from ad designs to social media all by themselves. Apparently, it will stay at Hashtag media forever.
Norwegian Models
If you want to work with the best in social media, Hashtag media Productions is the only agency there is.
The Lounge
He has truly accomplished what we have imagined and with a really low cost; I recommend him with the bottom of my heart.
Daniel Norman
I thank so much to Hashtag media staff for enabling us to stand out in our own region and remain in the forefront in the social media compared to our competitors.
Floridita Cuban Bar
We are offering our services especially in Germany and in many countries all over Europe and in Scandinavia. We started off with only a website but now Hashtag media is doing the follow-up and the editing of all our ads all over the country. I thank the staff and Mr. Ates very much.
He has opened up our horizon in many fields. He didn’t charge any extra fee although we had requested adjustments in the menu several times. We really thank you so much.
Mekan Restaurant
I wasn’t recognized in my region. I kept having this problem. He really brought me into view. I thank him very much.
He is simply a legend in advertising.
Thomas Rens Skomaker
We were trying to do a good business with many firms before we met with Hashtag media firm but now we can handle all our work with only one firm. We are able to have a better output than we imagine since all the work is done by a single firm. We thank him and his staff so much.
Nesodden frukt & grønt
They embraced my business more than I did. They chose to stick by the best quality rather than taking the easy way out. I thank him so much for doing their job in quality much more than what I have expected.
We thank the Hashtag media team so much for standing for us all the way despite the fact that we were indecisive all the time. They have put up an effort to the full extent to produce the best quality and they have done it.
Ozan Arikan
The works he has done are truly amazing. He has been managing our social media accounts for 8 months. I wish I had found this firm before.
Lemongrass Restaurant
We had many different requests which were not included in the contract since the day we concluded an agreement. He has not requested any extra bills or fees for any work. The output of the works and the designs created were truly magnificent.
Saray Restaurant
I was thinking that why would a shoe repair shop need an ad but he proved me that it wasn’t so. I truly thank him for the designs he has created for me.
Hashtag media firm has all the ad works of our company and its affiliated enterprises. We really thank him with the bottom of our heart. The corporate identity he has brought to us is priceless.
Efem Holding
All the works he has done were truly wonderful. We thank so much to all the staff who contributed.
We are operating in the meat industry in Norway for years. We are regularly providing meat for more than 500 restaurants. However, we have realized that up until this time, we had so many mistakes in our presentation. We thank him for carrying us a step further with all catalogue and other design works.
Best Food
He really impressed me with the social media ads. I recommend him without a doubt.
Americo Des Santos
He has done a wonderful job in model photo shoots. Congratulations.
International models
Our opening occurred at the same time as the summer season where all the people were on vacation. Our fear was that no one would come. He had more than 5000 people to come to first 4 days of the opening with the ads and works he had done. Furthermore, the electronic menu design is truly unique and special. Thanks, Hashtag media 😊
Kebab Kompaniet
I work with Hashtag media only for their quality although I originally live in Sweden. I personally think that they are the best in Scandinavia. I vouch for him.
Abbe Kavak
Hashtag media made our grand opening unforgettable. He made great catalogues with all of our discount products, which attracted more customers to our opening. His firm is highly recommended.
Sultan Marked
We have conducted meetings with many firms but none of them could promise even half of what Hashtag media have promised to us. Besides, its price is half of what other firms charge.
He has done all our designs and any type of projects in the name of advertisement ranging from our website to short ads, social media account and menu designs. They have surprised us with gifts and they have always sent us dedicated design according to the agreement we have concluded. I can always vouch for Hashtag media.
As Pancetta pizza, he has done all of our ad and design works ranging from our website to our social media account. I realized that I had found the right firm when the output was favored by many of our customers.
Pancetta Pizza
It is unbelievable but true that he does not charge any extra fee for an annual agreement. He is doing all our works ranging from our social media account to our website, flyers and our menu with success. Much appreciated.
Anatolia Restaurant
We have done so many good ads that are suitable for our name and that describe us very well; there is no way not to be impressed. We thank you so much.
Doğan Yumurtacılık
I truly recommend him if you look for the best. They have a different approach to advertising. He has carried us to the top in social media in such a short period of time.
We needed a nice catalogue for our desert sales. He delivered the project in such a short time. I thank him so much.
Cookies By Mina
We needed his services for our website and mobile application. He delivered the project much sooner than the agreed delivery date along with many gifts that were not included in the agreement. We thank him very much.
Sofia Rens Skomaker
We were always having a problem regarding the corporate identity. We were not able to fully express ourselves in social media and digital platforms and this had constantly created a problem for us until we met Hashtag media. We thank him and his staff so much.
Real frukt & grønt
Best Food is amongst the biggest meat supply company in Norway. We always had a corporate identity problem. We couldn’t exactly find what we were looking for although we had meetings with many firms. Hashtag media firm has all a company can ask for within its body. We thank him at the bottom of our heart.
Best Food