Digital Tablet Menu

Hashtag media Mobile Order and Loyalty System is a smart application platform enabling businesses (Restaurant, Cafe, Bar, Hotel, etc.) to process orders in modern, technological digital tablet menus instead of printed cardboard menus, product and customer relationship management as well as social media management. Businesses can process orders at speed of light with the Digital Tablet Menu if they work with us, provide the advertisement in the most effective way with quality product images. They can also win an online ordering system, reservation system, customer relationship management and loyalty system by including additional features to the system, if requested. Hashtag media, providing wide range of solutions for the smallest businesses to big business with multiple branches, offers low costs and high performance. We bring in all these systems under a single roof for your enterprise and assist to modernize your process managements.


  • Digital Tablet Menu
  • Unlimited Product and Category Specification
  • Product Detail Specification (Calorie / Preparation Time, etc.)
  • Dynamic Ad Spaces
  • Satisfaction Survey
  • Firm Advertisement Space
  • Application Locking Feature
  • Video and Photograph Publication
  • Administration Panel


Dynamic Menu

  • Saves your enterprise from paper menus
  • Easing up on adding – removing seasonal – periodic products
  • Product photos with highest visual quality
  • Advertises your firm in the best possible way
  • Describes product features in the best possible way
  • Opportunity to advertise your favorite products in a separate category

Membership System – Survey

  • You get a better knowledge of your customers better with surveys
  • You can measure the likings regarding your products
  • You can minimize your customer’s complaints
  • You can increase your customer’s brand loyalty
  • Your customers can be your members at the same time
  • You can organize discounts, campaigns specific to your members
  • You won’t miss the special occasions of your customers