Mobile Application

Importance of mobile application

In recent years, where mobile device usage has been in full flow, small businesses are interested in mobile applications as much as big businesses intending to reach their target market. This is because customers want to have access to information about the firms anywhere and at any time reliably, comfortable and quickly. Nowadays, most internet users are having access to the web from their mobile devices instead of their computers. It has become obligatory that firms aiming to reach to their customers from all digital platforms must be involved in the mobile world due to the changing customer bias.

Mobile applications are an important method also for getting in touch with potential customers as much as reaching existing customers. Therefore, enterprises who want to expand their businesses and increase firm awareness benefit from the advantages of mobile applications. CGN Software and Information Services team has examined how to grow your business by having a mobile application.

 To be able to send push notifications to your customers.

You have the chance to send push notifications to all your customers who download the application via mobile applications to be installed. Thus, you will be able to download all your discounts and bargains directly to your customers. Besides, you won’t have to bear any additional costs.

Always standing by your customers

Mobile device users check their smart phones every 6,5 minutes and spend their time on their mobile device 2 hours a day. Mobile devices are now the closest communication tool available for everyone at any time. If you also want your customers to have all kind of information regarding your firm’s phone number, address, products or services at their fingertips, mobile applications might help in this respect.

Gaining advantage in competition

Big brands have noticed the importance and the necessity of mobile applications and gained their place in the mobile world. And now, it’s the turn for businesses’ who wants to expand and fully reach their target market in the sector. If you act early as to have a mobile application, you can win your place in the mobile world before your competitors. An enterprise who keeps up with technology is always one step ahead in the eye of the customers.


Mobile application platforms

You can directly get in touch with your customers using mobile application. You can provide the latest information to your customers regarding your firm’s campaigns, products or services in the best possible way. You can provide e-mail marketing to your customers who log in to your mobile application later with their e-mail. You can directly reach your target market by using the data you have obtained through the mobile application in a different marketing channel effectively.

Directive effect

Mobile applications are extremely important for creating a positive brand image in the eye of your customers. Furthermore, when your customers who are informed of the products or the services you offer decide to buy, it is likely that they will choose you instead of your competitors since they had already acquired information about your firm. Moreover, you can even convince your customer to buy a product he/she does not need at that moment thanks to a successful mobile application.