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Everyone takes a photo but not everyone can make a professional photo shooting! If you want quality photos and satisfying results, you must work with an experienced crew. It’s in your hands to make a difference with Institutional, Private, Open-air and Concept shooting!

Benefit from professional photo-shooting services that will feature in catalogs and magazines, decorate family albums, promote cities and venues, and promote product advertisements. 

  • Professional photographers
  • State-of-the-art equipment
  • Institutional perspective
  • Photo shooting services all around the world
MODEL PHOTO SHOOTINGS We are actively performing model shootings and photo shootings of the agency registrations for many agencies as well as photo shoots of your firm and catalogue. Our firm also arranges the portfolio video, application video and the application documents for new faces wanting to be a model. SOCIAL MEDIA PHOTO SHOOTINGS Along with Instagram and Facebook becoming a commercial field lately, the quality of the shared photo shoots has become more important. Quality of the photo shooting of the product and the style of the photo shoot has become a factor that directly affects sales. Under these circumstances, we have focused on compositional and imagery photo shooting by increasing the visual quality for our customers and also focusing on the photo shooting style of the product…   PRODUCT PHOTO SHOOTINGS High quality photographs in product photo shootings are one of the best tools for selling your products. We are glad to help our customers to increase their product sales in a wide range of products and to create an effective brand awareness. HOME PHOTO SHOOTINGS

If you want to rent or sell a property, first you need the right photo.

You can have the photos of your house and office taken by our experienced team members without bearing any high costs. The only thing you need to do for this is to call us.   To have the properties you own easily rented and sold, websites and digital ads are used from now on. Internet and digital opportunities have achieved a significant breakthrough in real estate marketing. However, while digital platforms facilitate many things, they are of no use if no effort is shown in selectivity and quality content. Standard listing in websites that publish real estate renting and selling and in marketplaces are not sufficient to bring out the ad. High advertising costs must be paid to feature the ad and bring it out.   Websites such as who serve as an intermediary in real estate selling and renting warn their members that using good photos during listing that describe the property accurately increases the chance of the ad being noticed.   WEDDING PHOTO SHOOTINGS Imagine such a day that you will be able to remember every detail regarding that day for the rest of your life.  We, as Hashtag media Productions, have built an indestructible trust up to this date for people and institutions by keeping our promises in non-recurring organizations both domestically and internationally. Our self-confidence is based on the good memories we have collected with the people we have been offering our services by forming friendships. To stand by people on their most special moments, to immortalize these moments… That’s what we love! If you also want to immortalize your special occasions, remember that we also have a cup of coffee on our table for you…  GASTRO-PHOTOGRAPHY     Gastro-photography is a type of photo shooting every photographer wants to experience since it is pleasing to the eye and to the stomach. Beverage and gastro photography shootings that are more advantageous compared to other photo shooting types in terms of visuality and visual appeal, finds its own place in menus to websites with its extensive usage. A professional gastro photographer captures the menus of your restaurant, cafe and bars with professional photo shooting ravishingly and whets the appetite of your customers. None of us can say no to a well-prepared dinner table, a well-presented meal or a satisfying dessert. Therefore, photographs on the menu become the only thing we look at in any restaurant or cafe. Right at this point, gastro-photography steps in. We become stimulated to order the meal we like the appearance of. In the same time, cookbooks we see in any bookstores can totally fascinate us with their quality photos. Therefore, visuality has a special place in the beverage and gastro photography sector. Our team members contribute to the advertisement of your place in this delicious branch of photography by providing professional gastro photography and photo shooting service. Everyone photo shoots, we make a difference! Why Gastro-Photography? Convince Your Customers! Gastro-photography which is an advertising method restaurants, cafes and bars often use, is the persuasive factor in having the customer order a meal in the menu. Furthermore, food and beverage brands can also use the images of the meals cooked using their products on their packages and commercials. It is possible to see a meal cooked by using a famous olive oil brand or meals cooked by using products of a chicken brand. Thus, it arouses an interest for the potential customers. You can also use gastro-photography which has become more attractive upon the development of technology in accordance with its purpose. You can advertise your beverages and meals by the help of a successful gastro photographer with photo shoots having a story to tell. You will create a different atmosphere with studio shoot and open-air shoots.

With professional gastro and beverage photography, you will be able to:

    • Describe your menus better. • Advertise your restaurant, cafe and bar. • Represent your brand better to your customers. • Have professional gastro photos. • Appear on television, magazines and newspaper. • Have quality images to be published on social media. • Reach more people. • Be amongst the firms that are preferred and praised.

With standard gastro and beverage photography:

    • Taste of your food will never draw attention no matter how delicious the taste of your food is. • You will misrepresent your menus. • You will tarnish the image of your company. • You will start to lose customers. • You won’t draw the attention of your potential customers. • You will decrease the possibility of your brand appearing in magazines and newspapers. • You won’t be able to perform the advertisements of your social media in good quality. • You will make an impression as being an amateur company.